Friday, February 24, 2012


"THERES NO CRYING IN BASEBALL" Tom Hanks exclaimed these words that have been recited at least a hundred times.

We seem to think that hitting like a girl, running like a girl, we just playing sports like a girl period isnt a very good thing. Why is that? From what Ive seen in womens sports, we "girls" work just as hard as the guys do! But I guess you need to look deeper into what Americans look at when it comes to their sports. 

Baseball is America's past time! Our sports are monuments in our culture. We look at our sports as something that is America. We see them as a pillar of our culture.

We find our sports bring people together and allows us to get drunk and act like complete idiots as well as bring our family together and pass down season tickets from generation to generation. I know that my sons grandparents have season tickets to the Hawkeyes basketball and football games. That is a big deal in their family. You watch the football games every time its on and you go to the games as often as possible. Tradition comes with our sports.

So why are we teaching our children that if you hit like a girl that its a bad thing? Well for men..well boys growing up they are taught to have sportsmanship you need to be able to play like a man. They have to be able to be the fastest, the best and if your not then you dont make the cut.

When my half brother would have his baseball games as a young kid, my dad would be on the side lines yelling at him to "hit the ball" "dont miss, because the other team will score". I never heard him utter anything that was innapropriate although I did hear him talking to some of the other dad's about the kids that neither parent showed up for. How they didnt know how to play and that they hit like girls. I think that was one of the reasons why I chose band and not sports, not to mention I dont have enough coordination to play sports.

However when I heard that I couldnt help but thinking whats so bad about hitting like a girl? My sister who was in every sport she could get into was an awsome athlete. I know that it is going to take a lot of change to get people to look at things a little different but I know that when my son starts playing sports if that is what he chooses, Ill be proud to tell him he hits like a girl....because women athletes are just as bad ass as men are and he will be able to understand that.

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  1. Imagine what kind of country we would have if parents were as enthusiastic about their children's schoolwork as they were about sports. It would totally change our focus from competition to learning.