Monday, February 13, 2012

Beauty...its in the eye of the advertiser

Evil Queen: Mirror, Mirror on the wall whos the fairest of them all?
Mirror: Well you would be if you looked like snow white but since you dont, well you get the idea...

The perception of beauty in todays society is pretty harsh. Every where we turn around we see what we should look like. Namely women. I know that I cant sit in front of the television without being told that I need to wage war on my body in some way. Wether it's wrinkles, my cellulite, making my lips look name it we as women we are told we need to alter it.

Because we get such harsh judgements on our bodies we then in turn become very harsh on ourselves and those who dont look like the air brushed models that have taken over 90% of our daily lives. We look at ourselves as inadequate because we cant fit into those skinny jeans. We get mad because we have those child barring hips. And the ads that we see say that those things that make us unique are what make us ugly.

Women in advertisements are shown depending on what your looking at can be portrayed as sexy or juvinile. We are made to seem like fragile creatures or that we are wanting to be sexed beyond our wildest dreams. Men however are shown as powerful figures even as children they are given poses that show off how masculine they are.

These trends are causing our young girls to have low self esteem and young boys to think that they can have anything that they want because they are men. Girls are being made to think that they have to make themselves super skinny or extremely sexual so that men will want them and to be socially accepted.

Sad but true...


  1. This is so true! Either we are directly told "you need to do this to look like this" through product advertisement, or we just have that "perfect" image shoved in our face. Women in the media tend to be overly perfect and beautiful. If they aren't then they can be airbrushed and tweaked to appear perfect. "Unnattractive" women in the media also usually appear to be unhappy and seeking out the perfect image. This gives real, normal women a false image of how we really look, and it gives our boys and men a false image of what they are going to find in a woman. The media makes them want that perfect image, even if it isn't really attainable, so it gives women even more of a complex!

  2. I think that for women shown as "juvenile," there's quite a bit of the "sexy" mixed in as well.