Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I love him....I love him not...Now I love that guy!!!

Klosterman states that no woman is ever going to make him happy, however he also states that he will regret saying that when he is interviewed and is happily married. He blames this on the media and the "idea" of perfect love. He goes on to say that his girlfriend chose to spare his feelings when she spent time  with another man she told him she was going to a concert. He is in a weird way as always right!

We as a culture want to have the picture perfect relationships. We fall in and out of love faster than we can wrap our heads around the reason why we are attracted to that person or even know who they are to begin with. We watch these shows like the bachelor and bachelorette and expecting to find the person that they are going to be with for the rest of their lives. Celebrities don't help how we conceive relationships either. They make up and break up letting people think that you can do the same and its ok.

Movies like the Vow let people think that true love is going to outlast everything, but in actuality there is a  slim chance if you lose your memory and are wanting your fiance that you were previously engaged to, want to stay with you. They are eventually going to get frustrated and from there they may leave you.

Also the average person isnt going to be GORGEOUS! I love my boyfriend but he and I both know that we are celebrity sexy. We look past each others flaws and love each other anyway. We have our issues, but we arent perfect.

The media's portrayal of romance is what we want it to be not what it actually is.

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  1. Klosterman also mentions that he won't make any woman happy, either. I think it's important that he doesn't blame other people. He includes himself as part of the people who are making "fake love" a problem.