Friday, April 20, 2012

Really Reality?

When I think of reality television the first thing that comes to mind would have to be the larger than life celebrities that have cameras following them all the time. We watch their every move or so we think. Their moves and decisions being altered by the editor before the final copy hits our television sets and have us on the edge of our seats waiting every week for more.

Reality television really isn't our reality. I mean how many people do you know have their own private jets or are driving cars that cost about the same as a house. Or their houses are not houses at all but mansions? I don't know about you but that is not my reality.

The first time that I started watching reality television was when I became interested in the Real World. Strangers forced to live in a house..blah blah blah...I would hole up in my room and get really comfy and watch the all day marathons on saturday's in case I missed a big fight between the room mates or worse missed a hookup by the bad boy in the house that has fallen for the good girl that is out of his league and has a boyfriend that she is completely devoted to back home. Oh yes...I was a RW groupie!!

After a while though I seemed to just out grow the same old thing that the real world is known for and before you know it I was skipping episodes and wanting to watch something else. But MTV being the sneaky things that they are came back with the Real World/Road Rules challenge. Once again I was glued to my television and couldnt get away.

It seems that my reality wasn't good enough. Seeing people live together and fight, love, and fight some more seemed to be the reality that I wanted. But when you look at these people this isn't their reality either. They are playing the game they signed up for and are at the mercy of producers and editors. Not being able to choose how the rest of the world gets to see them as.

Funny how unsatisfied we are with our own lives that we need to escape into someone elses. Not much has changed over the years. We still have our Real World...but I have graduated to new more of whatI would like to call cultured reality television...oh yes. I have traded strangers in a house for a screeming dance coach and alcohol induced mothers! DANCE MOMS!!!

I am addicted. Like a crack feind I only am able to watch this when no one else is around. My fiance has banned it from the house as have I banned south park. I have the episodes on OnDemand though our cable company so that I have feed my nasty litte habit. I guess we never really grow out of watching reality televison. We just find new shows to tickle our fancy :)

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  1. What is the negative consequence of watching reality television? You liken it to a deadly drug habit. What are you concerned is an outcome of watching such television?