Monday, January 30, 2012

The pursuit of HAPPINESS!!

We pursue happiness all the time but in the end we realize that as a people we are only happy in the moment. Now, by people I say Americans. I can't speak for other countries and how they operate in the happiness department because to them happiness could mean something completely different so for the present let's just talk about Americans.

We are told all the time by subliminal messages that if we have that new phone then we would be happy or if we wear a certain type of clothes we would be happy, or even happier! Americans, we are like crack addicts when it comes to happiness! Once we get one thing that makes us happy we start looking for the next thing that makes us happy. Ok, I am dating Tom but oohh...Danny looks so much better and he would probably be a better boyfriend and in turn can make me happier! Yeah let me dump Tom and go out with Danny.

We see that the grass is greener on the other side and then when we hop the fence we realize that the grass on this side is the same shade!

Its difficult to predict what can really make us happy because we go from thing to thing. Person to person thinking that it or they will make us happy. We are only happy for the moment and then we get bored. You would think that since we knew this information that we would try and become happy with what and who we are. NOPE!!! We get bored and we are looking for the next best thing.

Since we do know that we get bored easy you would think this would be helpful in making sure that we don't get bored with what we have, who we have, or what we are doing. It isn't this information is helpful to the corporations that want your money for the next big thing that they want to show you is better and would make you happier. Its a vicious circle!

Let's take a look at someone that a lot of women look up to and has already set a horrible example for young women everywhere. Kim Kardashian.

Kim and her husband Kris Humphries were married for all of 72 days, now I can't say that I don't occasionally find myself glued to the television with Kourtney and Kim Take New York on with my boyfriend complaining that he never gets to watch what he wants while I just zone him out and complain how annoying Kim's voice is then wishing that I had money enough for an apartment over looking New York City!

With all that being said we watched them both spend a ridiculous amount of money on a wedding that at that time made them happy. Now fast forward sixty days later...They are both over each other and bored. No longer happy. Now divorced and looking to do anything to hurt each other in the press you would think that the happiness would last. NOPE!! That is because we get bored.

Happiness will always have someone pursuing it because we will never be happy until we learn how NOT to be bored or look across the street at the neighbors lawn and wonder...hmm maybe it is greener on the other side...

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  1. I don't think Kim's actions are that much different than those of lots of young people who think a wedding is the quickest path to lasting happiness. The wedding industry has gotten so big, and sells a huge fantasy about marriage and getting married that nothing really can measure up to that.